New Orleans Alignment Workshop

10–11 December 2023 | New Orleans

In December 2023, top ML researchers from industry and academia convened for a second Alignment Workshop in New Orleans, just before NeurIPS 2023. The workshop was hosted by FAR AI, a nonprofit alignment research organization headed by Adam Gleave. Talks from this workshop are available below.

The workshop facilitated discussion and debate amongst ML researchers on topics related to AI alignment so that we can better understand potential risks from advanced AI and strategies for solving them. The content built upon the talks from the workshop that took place in San Francisco earlier this year. You can watch the talks from the previous event here.

Keynote Speaker: Yoshua Bengio
Towards Quantitative Safety Guarantees and Alignment

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Introducing Alignment Problems



Robustness and Generalization


Main Speakers

Gillian Hadfield - Building an Off Switch for AI

Aleksander Madry - Preparedness @ OpenAI

Lightning Talks

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